Frequently Asked Questions

-How long does it take to build a swimming pool?
- From the time you contract with us, your pool project can be completed within 5-6 weeks.
-Does Casual Way, Inc. provide homeowner financing?
- We do not provide financing, but provide avenues for owners seeking financing.
-What factors determine the cost of your pool project?
- Quality and timeliness of your project. Other contributing factors include scope and size of your pool and deck, whether or not you are choosing to enclose your project with a screen room, as well as the equipment you select to run your pool. Make sure that you are being offered the best material, craftsmanship, equipment, and warranties available.
-Are all pool builders building the same pool?
- Not all builders use the same building principles and ideas when constructing a swimming pool. Therefore, make sure to compare each bid for quality manufactures of your material and equipment. As well as reputation of your contractor.
-Is a deposit required when building with Casual Way, Inc.?
- No, we do not require an upfront deposit. We have a draw schedule that is set up as progress of your project is made.
-When can we start?
- Having two state certified contractors, we are readily available to accommodate with your schedule. We first will meet at your residence to review your yard space and specific request. This insures that we will provide you with a thorough and custom bid for your individual project. Once you have contracted, we then will permit your project and schedule a dig date.
-Why go with a concrete swimming pool?
- Concrete swimming pools, are the most durable pool available, and also gives the customer the opportunity to create a more artistic approach to designing their pool. Concrete pools also give the option down the road to remodel, and update.
-Does the shape of a pool determine cost?
- The base cost of a swimming pool is determined by square footage. There is a wide variety of shapes that are available, that do not effect the price of your project.
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